emily (who_lime) wrote,


I was at that Kroger yesterday. I walked into the produce section like I always do, past the flowers on my left and the greeting cards on the right, and directly in front of me was the avocados. There was one that had fallen and was lying on the floor, and as I picked it up and placed it back where it belonged my fingers lingered and my breath caught in my throat. I had almost forgotten about meeting you, that ridiculous feeling, a complete stranger stealing that breath for no reason. And I almost never check these anymore, I can't afford to believe in fairy tales, but then I broke down and I looked and I saw what you wrote. Maybe it's not the same you, maybe you think I'm crazy, maybe I truly am, but I couldn't not reply. I couldn't let you think I didn't see. I hope that you are happy, that you love what you do, that you are loved by those around you, and that you don't care that I am a little nuts. Thank you for the wishing and blessing and new year dreaming. I hope some day I remember how to believe in fairy tales, and I hope you are living yours.
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