emily (who_lime) wrote,

"I wasn't for you and you weren't for me"

I feel taller, and skinnier, and beautiful. This wine buzz spills out my lips and draps its velvet hands across my spreading shoulders. What a seamless day, what a perfection of sunshine and cold kisses of whispering winds. My own two feet two brought me to the glassy lake, sat me beside an old tree stump, and allowed my mind to wrap it's parched yearing around words spoken straight to my soul. I cooked for myself, fed my taste buds succulent fruit dripping with sticky bliss, and licked the cheese slices right off the knife. The furry soft cheek of my baby rested time and timeless again against my trembling hand, too scared to move and disrupt the angelic smile of contentment gracing his shut eyes. I'm swimming in this delerium right now. I spent the day drunk on loving happiness, grateful and collapsed against the comforts of the friends I cherish dearest in my heart's core. Now I'm drunk again, on a special bottle picked solely for the "Enjoy" section on the back: "with some good cheese and an open fire."
I am distracted now and drinking still, happy and lonely and pretty and seductive to the next pair of adoring eyes. Live on good life, drink of the vigor and youth surrounding us.
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